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Quantum quantified

Now Dr Troyer and his colleagues have re-run the analysis, this time using the most up-to-date D-Wave system available. In a paper posted to arXiv, an online repository, they report that, on average, there is still no sign that D-Wave’s machine offers a performance boost. Averages may disguise many things, and there are cases in which the D-Wave device is up to ten times faster than an ordinary chip. But there are also cases in which it is around a hundred times slower. And, tellingly, while both the classical and quantum machines get slower as the problems they are asked to solve become more complicated, they seem to slow down at roughly the same speed.
Google’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab, which has been playing around with one of D-Wave’s machines, published some thoughts of its own. It admitted that non-classical machines seem to be able to match the quantum device’s pace. 

It seems that current generation of D-Wave quantum computers doesn’t offer a performance boost compared to classical machines. Still, “Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab” sounds cool!

More on DeepMind: AI Startup to Work Directly With Google's Search Team

Google buys AI company DeepMind for search, not robots.

Exclusive: Google to Buy Artificial Intelligence Startup DeepMind for $400M

Based in London, DeepMind was founded by games prodigy and neuroscientist Demis Hassabis, along with Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman.

This is in large part an artificial intelligence talent acquisition, and Google CEO Larry Page led the deal himself, sources said. According to online bios, Hassabis in particular is quite a talent, a child prodigy in chess who was later called “probably the best games player in history” by the Mind Sports Olympiad.

Google's creepy BigDog robot goes to the movies in the Sundance sci-fi drama ‘Young Ones’

BigDog creepiness makes it a great actor for sci-fi movies.

How Real is Spike Jonze's 'Her'? Artificial Intelligence Experts Stephen Wolfram and Google's Peter Norvig Weigh In - Speakeasy - WSJ

Google acquires Boston Dynamics, the robot builder behind Big Dog and Cheetah

The New York Times reports tonight that Google has acquired Boston Dynamics, builder of terrifying walking robots DARPA-related projects like WildCat/Cheetah, Atlas, Petman and Big Dog.

Google Officially Enters the Robotics Business With Acquisition of Seven Startups

According to the New York Times, they were just secretly acquired by Google—along with four other robotics firms over the last six months—to design and build a fleet of next-generation robots under the direction of Andy Rubin, the former chief of Google’s mobile operating system, Android.

Though it’s early yet, the NYT says Google hopes to further automate manufacturing and industrial settings, and judging by the three companies I’ve visited, that sounds about right.

Google's next big project is robots, from the man that brought you Android

Not one to let Amazon get all the robots-are-our-future attention, Google’s revealed that its already got plenty of projects underway, and they’re headed up by Andy Rubin. Yep, the man who made the company’s Android operating system arguably the biggest smartphone OS in the world.

Android robot on Android operating system, a perfect fit!

Google: Our Robot Cars Are Better Drivers Than Puny Humans | MIT Technology Review

“We’re spending less time in near-collision states,” said Urmson. “Our car is driving more smoothly and more safely than our trained professional drivers.”

The Knowledge Navigator Concept by Apple Computer (1987)

I wish Siri thing would act like shown in this video. Hopefully we will get there in 10 years or so. Perhaps Google will surprise us by bringing GMale in the next version of Android:)